Jarosław Jaruszewski (Bisz)

The most intelligent Polish rapper.

Bisz's portrait
Bisz's portrait

Jarek (short for Jarosław) was born in Bydgoszcz city in Poland on 9th May 1984.

Bullet points about Bisz

  • His artistic career started in 1999, when he was only 15
  • He studied philosophy and Polish philology
  • Bisz also writes poems, he included a booklet in his "Chodnikowy Wilk" album edition
  • Jarek is a part of B.O.K., multi-instrument band that records rap music. Other members are Oer and Kay (hence the name: Bisz Oer Kay)
  • He's won 2012's Bydgoszczanin Roku award (Bydgoszcz's Person of the Year)
  • Bisz has 7 solo albums and 4 albums made with B.O.K.

To see Bisz's full discography, visit this link.